Design Process


A chance to meet and discuss an idea with you.

You can give us as much or as little as you like in the way of direction, this can mean an idea, a scribble, a picture or alternatively we can supply the inspiration in it's entirety. 

Styles, gemstones, materials, textures and types of finish along with your desired spend are all open for discussion at this point.  

Consults are easy-going, generally over coffee at a local cafe or in your own home if you wish.


Present preliminary sketches of design concepts and any required gemstones at this stage.


Proof final design and pricing sheet for your approval.  Upon approval we require a 50% deposit.


Your piece will be made to order, each individually hand crafted in our onsite workshop. Anticipation awaits.


All pieces are independently valued free of charge for insurance purposes and peace of mind.


We present the piece to you together with a valuation.

In the instance of a duty free purchase, we will advise you - for International travel leaving New Zealand (saving 15% GST ).


Every piece hand crafted by The Jeweller's Hands comes with a lifetime guarantee.